Hi! I'm M.

My name is Manuela López and I’m a freelance illustrator born in Terrassa, a small city in the northeast of Spain.

You’ll find me online as M or Srta.M (the Spanish form of Miss.M).

As many illustrators I grew up holding colored pencils, drawing almost all the time. Since I earned a Certificate of Higher Education in Illustration I’ve worked on many children’s books with publishers around the world.

I feel super inspired by everything related to cosmos: stars, planets, galaxies… I like to focus on the color aspect of my illustrations, creating compositions filled with details and textures.

I enjoy my free time taking long walks in the nature or by the sea with my partner and my little puppy Abby.

You can find at social media using my username @m_atelier (atelier=studio) at many platforms like CaraInstagram, X, Threads, TikTok and Bluesky where I try to post content as often as I can.

I also do a podcast called Viviendo del Cuento with my friends and colleagues Eva Carot & Laura Gomez. We talk about freelancing, illustration topics and a bit of mental health. Feel free to listen (only in Spanish, sorry!) and join our little tree house.

Ok. Let's talk!

For work inquiries, please email me at srta.eme@gmail.com